Generators in New Jersey

Don’t get left in the dark -- we often take for granted that the electricity will be there when we need it. What happens when it doesn’t?

Generators in New Jersey provide peace of mind that your business will continue with no interruption when there is a loss of electrical power in your area. Your customers depend on you to operate whether there's electrical power or not. Whether you want to provide electrical power to a few essential areas of your business or you wish to energize your entire business, our emergency generator maintenance technicians have the experience and knowhow to help you select the right sized generators for your needs.

Our generator quick connect switchboard is an engineered assembly designed to allow safe and fast connection of a mobile generator to your healthcare facility's electrical system or a portable load bank. Contact us to learn more.

Emergency Generator Maintenance in New Jersey


  • Generator Installation
  • Emergency Generator Maintenance
  • Temporary Generator Installation
  • Mobile Generator Installation
  • Emergency Generator Installation
  • Upgrades
  • Transfer Switch Installation
  • Docking Station
  • Emergency Backup Power
  • Annunciator Installation
  • Load Bank Testing
  • Emergency Stop Buttons

Emergency Power

You can quickly and safely supply emergency power to parts of your electrical power system that are not currently covered by your emergency power system. This means you can bring power to non-essential loads, like:

  • HVAC – Heating and AC, including air-handling necessary to address airborne infection danger
  • Computer systems – Patient records, test reports, admissions, etc.
  • Lighting beyond life-safety-required lighting

3 Important Applications

  1. Use to back up an existing permanent generator (or during routine maintenance)
  2. Use to supply mobile generator power to circuits that are not backed up by a permanently installed generator
  3. Use as a convenient connector point for a portable load bank during testing